The Company



Since 2012, we have taken pride in our extensive background in wear resistant coatings and overlays. Our knowledge of materials, powders and wires, and application expertise, combined with 25 years of experience designing, building, and installing Plasma Transfer Arc welding systems will ensure you make the right material selection and the right automated application strategy.


Incorporated in 1974, ARC Engineered Products, recently rebranded as ARCOTEQ, has provided exceptional quality and service for over 50 years. Quality, fair pricing, pride in our work, and dedicated customer service are the foundation of our longevity and continued success. With over 65 years in precision machining and coatings we are a leader in precision manufacturing specializing in product realization, short production runs, and aftermarket service where professionals are proud to work. Though we are proud of our achievements, we constantly remind ourselves that our own standard of quality is perfection. You can view our ARCOTEQ Quality Policy here: ARCOTEQ Quality Policy


Values Statement

The Company believes lasting commitments, solid relationships and good business decisions are based on the values of integrity, fair treatment and respect for one another. We take pride in our work when our efforts are guided by values of quality performance, innovation and the search for improvement.

Mission Statement

The Company is a leader in the manufacturing and marketing of innovative product solutions for our customers. We are committed to satisfying our customers’ expectations through high quality standards, superior value and timely delivery. We are dedicated to sustaining profitability, fully engaging our employees’ talents and maximizing our physical and technical resources.

Quality Statement

Quality means providing value to our customers. We define value as products and services that meet or exceed mutually agreed upon metrics for communication, price, delivery, and conformance to the specifications. Our goal is to provide these products and services on time, in the quantity ordered, within specifications 100 percent of the time, while making continual improvement. We will use feedback generated by our customers and collected internally regarding our performance to monitor our effectiveness at achieving these metrics.